Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin

West Coast Music & Worship Conference Presenter

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Kim Logan-Nowlin, Ph.D., LPC, BCPC, ACAC, IAMFC, MFT, AAFLP, ASLC or  “Dr. Kim,” as she is  affectionately called by audiences, is a dynamic speaker who always leaves her audience spellbound. As President of  Kim Logan Communications for over 35 years, she has trained and counseled  people from all walks of life to be INSPIRED and how your words can change your choices and your life”.  She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Special Education, Masters of Arts Degree in Family and Guidance Counseling, and a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Oral  and Interpersonal Communication and Clinical Family Counseling. 
As a national inspirational/motivational speaker, her oratory brings encouragement, direction, hope and healing to thousands each year as she travels around the U.S. and abroad sharing words of inspiration for all ages. She is a gifted woman on a mission to help others discover their gifts. Dr. Kim also serves as Professor of Speech Communication, Theater, and Sign Language for Wayne County Community College District. Dr. Kim is also a certified sign language interpreter for the deaf. Dr. Kim has also served as  the workshop facilitator for the 2014 Annual West Coast Music Workshops for American Sign Language Instruction and Choir Development.
Dr. Kim has served as family life leader, praise and worship leader, minister of music, and stewardship leader of her local church the City Temple SDA Church located in Detroit, MI.     Dr. Kim enjoys working with the youth throughout the world and serving as a facilitator for  the United Youth Congresses,  Youth Federations, Camp Meetings, Marriage Retreat/Conferences, Schools, Graduations, Community Based Organizations,  churches and many other roles.          Dr. Kim is the Founder and Directress of God’s Hands of Praise Gospel Sign Language Ministry established in 1994. She continues to minister with her choir to help bring joy to the hearing and the hearing challenged. Dr. Kim is known across the world for her drama presentations during her sermons, seminars, and workshops that helps to bring insight and understanding to her audiences.  
Along with husband and professional therapist Arthur Nowlin, LMSW, FLMSW, CAADC, AAFLP they meet the needs of hurting individuals and families as Christian family therapists and counselors in their private practice in Detroit, Mi. The Nowlin’s travel extensively assisting families, couples, and youth to recognize their self-worth and relationship with God. The Nowlin’s   previously served as Co-Directors of the Family Life Department of the Lake Region Conference from 2007-2014. They also serve as the Co-Host of Making It Work Television on 3ABN Dare to Dream Network. The Nowlin’s  are Co- Authors of  six published books- The Attitude Adjustment of the Christian Man and Woman, Refusing A Direct Order,Friends in the Bedroom, But Strangers in Church, Marriage: Living With The Unexplainable and ICU: Can Our Marriage Survive Or Not? Found Innocent:  Forgiven: It is What It Is?

                                                  “Dr. Kim Inspires You to Aspire”

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